Building Homes

Habitat for Humanity is founded on the idea of partnership between members of our community: families, volunteers, organizations, businesses, faith-based groups, and donors to build decent, affordable housing locally because we believe this model offers a realistic solution to the affordable housing crisis here in Newark and throughout Essex, Hudson and Union Counties. Those in need of adequate shelter work side by side with volunteers and Habitat of Greater Newark staff to build our homes. We build with generously donated funds and materials, donated property, and the support of house sponsors. The traditional model for Habitat housing relies on this three-tiered partnership between our families, donors, and volunteers. Much like a home, one part of the organization is supported by the others – they work together to solve the problem of affordable housing in Newark and Essex, Hudson and Union Counties.


Newark Community Solutions (NCS)

Habitat of Greater Newark provides volunteering and community service opportunities for NCS. Newark Community Solutions is a community justice initiative that applies a problem-solving approach to low-level cases in Newark.  By combining punishment with help, Newark Community Solutions promotes the use of community service & social service mandates, reduces the court’s reliance on ineffective fines & expensive short-term jail sentences, & builds public confidence in justice.

The GI GO Fund

Habitat of Greater Newark is building homes for military veterans in partnership with the GI GO Fund as part of our Veterans Initiative. The GI Go Fund is a nonprofit organization that provides assistance to all military veterans by helping them find employment, access housing, & secure their educational & health benefits.

New Jersey Institute of Technology

NJIT is one of the nation’s leading public technological universities. Habitat of Greater Newark and the NJIT College of Architecture and Design have created a design studio course. It challenges students to design affordable housing to be built by Habitat Newark. Students are introduced to the Habitat program, interview family partners to gain practical design insight, & compete for the winning design.

The City of Newark

Habitat for Humanity of Greater Newark, Inc. works with The City of Newark on a wide range of affordable housing and community development issues and initiatives.